Campaign Finance Reform

We believe our government exists to serve their individual constituents. For that reason we'd like to prohibit Super PAC's, large corporate donations, and donations beyond the individual limit from being legal in campaign funding. This will truly give the voice back to the people and ensure their candidates are acting in their best interests instead of those of some huge conglomerate or wealthy donor. Furthermore, we believe funding should come from where the candidate is running. For too long wealthy outsiders have funded individual candidates from afar and watched them put their interests first in a distant district rather than those of the local populace.

Unification Messaging

Over the years the divide between (R) and (D), red and blue, and left and right have grown and grown leading us to our current political environment. A country so beholden to winning, and an "us vs them" mentality, we've lost touch with the communal connections which were what made this country great to begin with. While our opponents are to blame in this, so too is our messaging in failing to exemplify that we are the party of the people, and the leaders this country needs to remind Americans of what we have in common rather than that which pulls us apart.

Medicare for All

We spend over $8,000 per person annually on healthcare in America. This is more than double the other 33 developed countries in the world. 17.6% of our GDP goes to healthcare. We need to have a system that allows people to put their health first, before their fear of debt which can come along with maintaining said health. The profits of health care companies in the United States topped $6 billion in 2017, an increase of 30%. That means each citizen in America gave $1,842 of pure profit to health care companies. This is a completely broken system. We need a system that comes with no out of pocket costs to customers, that takes profitability out of health and wellness and that returns the focus to patients and health care professionals.

Open Internet Policy

We're passionate about restoring Net Neutrality and providing an "Open Internet" to New Hampshire and America at large. Access to the internet is a basic right which provides the ability for citizens from all classes to access the tools available to better themselves and their communities. The results of a net neutrality appeal can be seen in third world countries worldwide and they're traumatic. We need to be confident this will never happen in our great nation.

Marijuana Legalization

Decriminalization of medicinal, and recreational, marijuana use is the biggest no-brainer in politics. Not only is marijuana proven to be less detrimental to health than cigarettes and alcohol, legalization would also provide streams of income to this country, local and nationally, which we could put to great use.