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America isn't split into two divergent categories, red and blue, and it's time our representative in Congress reflect more of our shared values than our elected officials do today. If you believe it's what we have in common that makes us Americans rather than what tears us apart give me your vote and watch as we progress as one United States of America.

Paul has spent his entire life in the great state of New Hampshire. He was born and raised in Hudson, went to college in Manchester, and has lived in Nashua and Merrimack since. Paul is married to a wonderful woman, Danielle, and they just welcomed their first child, Lincoln, into the world! He really enjoys the outdoors, music, New England sports teams, reading fiction, golf, and politics. Meet Paul Cardinal

As the first district's Congressional Representative, Paul will work hard on issues that we face both as New Hampshire natives as well as Americans. Backboned by the belief that education will empower the people, Paul plans to bring funding to public schools, protect the Internet's distribution of free knowledge and protect our state and nation from the opioid epidemic. He'll also tackle issues that impact all of our daily lives such as traffic congestion and work to showcase the Granite State by bringing a large annual festival to New Hampshire. Read About the Issues